What to do after BTech ? Career Options After Btech/BE in 2023|

Hello friends, in today’s article, I am going to give you detailed information about career options after Btech/BE. So if you are also a BTech/BE student and want to make a career for your better future, then in today’s article I will tell you what are the career/job opportunities after BTech, which can give you a good job, so let’s start:

career options after btech

Friends, if we talk about career options after btech, then after btech you get many options to make your career in any one sector, after doing btech you can do the job in any field, there is no restriction for this. You can do a private job in the private sector and if you are interested in doing a government job then you can also go for it. In this, you can also do a government job by passing exams like state police, SSC jobs, state pcs or upsc and if you want, you can also do a job in a PSU (private sector undertaking) public sector undertaking, and If you don’t wanna do any kind of job now and if you still want to study further, then I will tell you what you should do for that in today’s article.

These are some of the main career options that you can consider after doing Btech/BE:

Private Jobs (career options after btech/be)

Private jobs come on the first number. If you are not interested in government jobs and are thinking about doing private jobs, then this can prove to be a very good career option for you. Talking about private jobs, there are three types of jobs which are: Tech jobs, Non-Tech Jobs, Core Jobs. So let us know about these three sub fields of private jobs one by one and tell you what are the career opportunities for you in these:

Tech Jobs

If we talk about Tech jobs, then technical or computer related jobs like software engineering, data science, web development, QA Testing etc. come in these. Generally, technical jobs are done by computer science and IT students, but nowadays the trend of tech jobs and software-related jobs has increased so much that students of other streams also like to do tech jobs these days. Software engineering is the most popular field today, in which there are some software companies that create different types of software for their business.

Software compnaies are usually divided into two parts: product based company and service based company. Let us now know what are the different functions of these two types of companies and how they are different from each other:

Product Based company: Talk about what are product based companies, then these are the companies that work to make the product and launch their product in the market by making the product. To make these products, they hire software engineers and get their products built. Companies like google, microsoft, adobe come in these.

Service Based Company: Talk about service based companies, then such companies come in them, which decide what kind of service and how to provide service to the client in the already made product. Like how the client has to use that product, how to fix it if there is an error in the product, overall how to manage a product, this work is done by service based company. Companies like TCS, Infosys, Wipro and Tech mahindra come in service based company.

product & service based job salary:

Talk about salary, the salary of product based engineers is more than that of service based engineers. Now either you can become a product engineer or you can become a service engineer, in both you will get high packages. But as I told you, usually the salary of a product engineer is slightly higher than that of a service engineer.

The salary of product based jobs can usually range from 7-8 lakh per anum to 40-50 lakh per anum, while talking about the salary of service based jobs, it usually starts from 2 lakh per anum to 12 lakh per anum. Can be up to

Non-Tech Jobs

Now talk about non-tech jobs, then in such jobs you will have to do consulting and management work. In this type of job, you do not have to interact with technical things like computer, programming language and science at all, but in this you have to talk face to face with the client. For this, your communication skills should be very good so that you can understand the client’s problem very well and in the shortest possible time and fulfill their needs. There is management work in this, that is, those people who know how to manage things very well, if you have non-tech jobs, then as I told you above, for this you need communication skills. Will have to become strong in these skills, problem-solving skills, management and organizational skills.

Talk about what kind of jobs are going to be available in this, then there are many jobs in the non-technical field as well, which are of different types in every field, which you can see below:

  1. Sales and Marketing:
    • Sales Representative
    • Marketing Coordinator
    • Public Relations Specialist
    • Brand Manager
    • Advertising Executive
  2. Human Resources:
    • Human Resources Generalist
    • Talent Acquisition Specialist
    • Training and Development Coordinator
    • Employee Relations Manager
    • Compensation and Benefits Analyst
  3. Management:
    • Project Manager
    • Operations Manager
    • Business Development Manager
    • Store Manager
    • Retail Manager
  4. Administration:
    • Administrative Assistant
    • Office Manager
    • Executive Assistant
    • Receptionist
    • Data Entry Specialist
  5. Customer Service:
    • Customer Service Representative
    • Call Center Agent
    • Client Success Manager
    • Help Desk Support
  6. Finance and Accounting:
    • Financial Analyst
    • Accountant
    • Bookkeeper
    • Tax Preparer
    • Auditor
  7. Healthcare:
    • Nurse
    • Medical Receptionist
    • Medical Transcriptionist
    • Medical Billing Specialist
    • Health Educator
  8. Education and Training:
    • Teacher
    • Trainer
    • Curriculum Developer
    • Instructional Designer
    • Education Coordinator
  9. Arts and Entertainment:
    • Writer
    • Graphic Designer
    • Event Planner
    • Photographer
    • Musician
  10. Social Services:
    • Social Worker
    • Counselor
    • Community Outreach Coordinator
    • Nonprofit Program Manager

In this way, according to the field in which you are interested, you can do the job.

Core Branch

In the core branch, you have to do a job in a particular field, they have their own separate area, such as

Mechanical engineering: In which a mechanical engineer works with big machines. In this, it is the work of a mechanical engineer to design machines, build them and analyze them, in which he has to work under an industry.

Electrical engineering: In this, the work of an electrical engineer is to design electrical systems, build them, build power generation, etc. Whatever the work of the electrical sector is today, it is all done by the electrical engineer.

civil engineering: Engineers working in this field are called civil engineers who work on the physical envionment, their main work is such as: road construction (road design), bridge construction, building construction For building its structure, building a water dam, all the construction work is done by the civil engineer.

Govt. Jobs (career options after btech/be)

Now let’s talk that if you are not interested in private jobs and you want to do a government job, then for this you also get many career options for government jobs. Such as IAS (Indian administrative service), IPS ( Indian police service), IFS (Indian foreign service), bank PO, police, SI, railway, army, navy and Air-force etc., which you can do according to your interest and qualification. To get a government job, you must first give a competitive exam. Different competitive exams are conducted for all job roles, now for which job you will have to take which exam, you can see below:

UPSC (Union public service commission): This is an examination conducted by the Government of India, passing which you will be selected for the interview and after cracking the interview, depending on the ranking, you can become IAS, IPS or IFS. This is India’s biggest exam conducted by the Government of India.

SSC (Staff Selection Commission): Two types of exams are conducted in this:

SSC CGL: This exam is conducted for group d and group c job posts.

SSC CHSL: By clearing this exam you can get jobs like lower divisional clerk and data entry opertor.

IBPS: By passing this exam you can get job in banking sector like PO (probationary officer), clerk and SO (specialist officer) etc.

TET (Teacher Eligibility Test): If you want to become a teacher, then you can become a primary and secondary school teacher by passing this exam.

Defense service exams: If you want to go in the defense field then you can prepare for the exam for NDA (Natinoal Defense Academy), NA (navel academy), Army, Navy and Airforce etc.

RRB (Railway Recruitment Board): If you are thinking of getting a job in the railway, then you have to pass the RRB exam for this.

PSUs: The full form of PSU is public sector undertaking. These are the companies in which 51% share is held by the government and 49% share is held by private companies, due to which both are benefited. There are many PSU companies in India which are in different sectors such as banking sector, financial sector. In hospitals, in insurance sector etc. Here below are some major PSU companies whose recruitments come out from time to time, you can get a job by applying according to your qualification and qualifying the exam and interview:

  • Bharat Petroleum
  • Indian oil corporation
  • ISRO
  • Bharat Atomic Research Center
  • BSNL
  • BHEL
  • SAIL
  • NTPC
  • DMRC

All these companies are the major companies of India, by applying on which you can get a good job.

MTech/MS/ME: Many students are such that they do not want to do job after Btech, but want to do MTech, MS or ME to do masters, then they can do that too, this is also a good option for master’s degree. You can get the biggest job after taking

MS: Talk about MS, its full form is master of science. It is a 2-year degree. Although you can do MS from India too, but most of the people talk about doing it from abroad, the reason is that if you do masters from outside, then because of the digital education system, the method of teaching is also of a different level. And job chances are also more

MTech: MTech is a 2 to 3 years degree, somewhere it is of 2 years and somewhere it is of 3 years. Out of which 1.5 years are spent on your academics and 1.5 years are spent on research, if you want to do MTech etc. from a good college, then for this you have to give GATE exam, the special thing about this exam is that its syllabus which is your core It is related to the branch so you will not have to work hard to cover it and at the same time you will score well in college, along with this it has another advantage that you can apply for PSUs as well and if If you get good numbers in it then you can also get good colleges to do MTech. After GATE when you get good colleges for MTech then big companies come in it and you also get good huge packages after on campus placement. Are

MBA: After BTech, if you do not want to do a job in the technical field, then you can do MBA, although in this also you will get the same high salary as software engineering.


hope, now you understood and have decided that what should you do now, In which field you should make your career.

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