OMG 2 Review: Akshay Kumar and Pankaj Tripathi have a talk with society|

So hello friends, in today’s article, I am going to give you a review of OMG 2 movie, this movie has come to the theatres on August 11, so you can easily go and watch it. The movie has not yet been launched on the online platform, so you can watch it only by going to the cinema hall.

omg 2 movie review

So in today’s article, we are going to talk about this movie and know how this movie is and what it has been made about. It is being said that there have been many controversies regarding this movie, so today we are going to know whether this movie is really a movie that creates controversy or a movie that educates people.

OMG 2 Movie Review

In today’s article, we are also going to talk about whether this movie deserves your precious money and time or not if you have made up your mind to watch this movie in the theatre. So the first thing in this movie is that you have to spend about two and a half hours to watch this movie, this movie is an 18-plus movie, so only adults can watch it. If we talk about the story of this movie then the actor in it is Pankaj Tripathi who has a son.

In the movie, something very bad has happened to Pankaj Tripathi’s son, due to which Pankaj Tripathi gets angry and does a lot in the movie to save his son, but no one helps him and that is why Pankaj Tripathi, a messenger of Lord Shiva comes to help and how this messenger of Lord Shiva helps Pankaj Tripathi, you will get to see all this in this movie which you are going to enjoy very much.

Oh My God 2 Review

If we talk about the content of this movie, then the director of the movie has created very bold and hard scenes in the movie. The explanation given by the director about sex education to show the reality and eye-opening things in the movie is very heart-touching. If you are an adult, then you must watch this movie in the cinema hall, sex education has been explained very well in this movie. You also know that no one is so aware of sex education in India that anyone can talk about it. If you only talk about taking knowledge from your elders about this, then you will be wronged there, but the director of this movie has discussed this topic in a very deep and clear manner and it is also being shown.

The aim of the director of the movie is that more and more adult children and people of India must have correct information about this subject so that they do not face difficult problems later on. Overall, this two-and-a-half-hour movie is going to give you information on a very deep and real topic regarding the education system.

Today in India no one wants to bring sex education into society so easily, the society itself wants to keep it a secret. When this topic is so important for people, then why are we hiding it from people, because of not hiding it, don’t know how many people’s lives can change. There are many such movies in which we see movies made on fake stories of fake society, in which there is no such thing as changing the direction of thinking of the audience, but when it comes to movies like omg 2, then such movies show the country and society in a different way. It only gives messages in which many topics are discussed regarding the education system.

Omji 2 Movie is such a movie in which sex education has been discussed very openly, it is a very eye-opening movie that not only adults but also teenagers can go and see it in the theatre. This movie should be shown to all adolescent girls, if possible, this movie must be shown by taking all the children of eighth and ninth classes from all the schools so that they can get the right information about this subject at such a young age. When you watch such movies, it makes you think that not only do you enjoy the movies but it also changes your thinking.

Omg 2 Review

At the start of the movie, the relationship between a father and a son is shown, in which Pankaj Tripathi is seen playing the role of a father, in which you will get to see to what extent this father goes to save his son and to what extent. The way he fights with society and the world to get justice for his son, your heart will be happy seeing all this. In this entire movie, you get to see actor Akshay Kumar as a messenger of Lord Shiva and you will enjoy seeing the way he has been dressed for the character of the messenger in the movie.

From the entry of Akshay Kumar in the movie to the dialogue delivery and the emotional touch he has provided through his character in the movie is also very heart-touching.

If someone is completely covered in this movie, then it is Pankaj Tripathi, who is seen making people laugh in some places with his funny character, while on the other hand, he is also fitting very well into the character of a father. The director who has written this movie has presented the dialogues very well by writing them. None of the dialogue in this movie has been created with the intention of hurting anyone. Yami Gautam will be seen playing the role of a powerful lawyer in the movie, whose acting is amazing.

OMG 2 Review Final Words

So finally, if we talk about this movie, then it is a very good education-related movie and especially a movie giving full information related to sex education because nowadays there is a great need to give proper information about this subject to the youth in the country. And from this point of view, this movie is a wonderful movie, which is going to give a different knowledge to people, about which people are shy even to talk, but this movie has also explained this topic in such a correct way that It will be fun to see you.

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