World Mosquito Day 2023 : Date, Theme, History, Significance,

World Mosquito Day is celebrated every year on 20 August to spread awareness about the importance of mosquitoes worldwide and draw attention to the problems related to mosquitoes. Today there are millions of people worldwide who are suffering from diseases caused by mosquito bites such as dengue, malaria, chikungunya, etc. and are playing between life and death, reports the World Health Organization. According to the WHO, seven to eight lakh people die every year only due to diseases caused by mosquito bites, now another serious disease has come to the fore due to mosquito bites, called elephantiasis. Mosquito bites can make people handicapped

world mosquito day 2023

Which Day is Celebrated as World Mosquito Day?

World Mosquito Day is celebrated every year around the world on 20 August.

What is the Aim of World Mosquito Day

The main aim of World Mosquito Day is to raise awareness of the importance of mosquitoes and to draw attention to the diseases and problems caused by mosquito bites.

History of World Mosquito Day

World Mosquito Day is celebrated around the world on 20 August with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of mosquitoes and drawing attention to the diseases and problems caused by mosquito bites. To be said, World Mosquito Day was first organized in Kolkata, British India on 20 August 1897, which was organized by health scientist Dr. Ross Offild, who celebrated this day on 20 August to promote the importance of mosquitoes in the fight against malaria. Organized to celebrate World Mosquito Day, through this day, he tried to make people aware of the problems related to mosquitoes and told people how to avoid mosquito bites and diseases caused by them.

Friends, we know that mosquito bites can cause many serious diseases such as dengue, malaria, chikungunya and Zika virus, etc. Even today thousands of people die from these diseases due to mosquito bites and Lakhs of people get sick, in view of all these problems, it has been decided to celebrate World Mosquito Day every year on 20 August and on the occasion of World Mosquito Day, programs like awareness programs, seminars, education campaigns, etc. are organized so that maximum People can learn about the different ways to avoid these diseases caused by mosquitoes and they can be made aware of different ways to protect their health.

Significance of World Mosquito Day 2023

world Mosquito Day is of great importance across the world as it helps us to spread awareness of the importance of mosquitoes and to avoid all the problems associated with mosquitoes. can be explained about the importance of and can also be told about the methods of their conservation
Mosquitoes are of great importance for personal and environmental health as well as flora and fauna, let us understand them:
Pollination: Pollination by mosquitoes is very important for plant growth. They take food from flowers and help them pollinate other substances.
Water purifiers: Mosquitoes also act as water purifiers as they keep their larvae in water for their entire development.
Wildlife Conservation: Mosquitoes are also very important in the field of wildlife conservation because they are also involved in the diet of wildlife, they work as food for other animals and insects. In this way mosquitoes also play the role of food for other organisms.

World Mosquito Day 2023 Theme

World Mosquito Day year-on-year theme:

  • World Mosquito Day 2022 theme – Harness innovation to reduce the malaria disease burden and save lives.
  • World Mosquito Day 2021 theme – Reaching the Zero Malaria Target.
  • The theme of World Mosquito Day 2023 is not known yet.

How many Mosquito diseases are there ?

What are the diseases caused by mosquitoes:
Dengue: This disease is a brain fever that is caused by the bite of mosquitoes and this disease is very deadly.
Chikungunya: Chikungunya virus is transmitted through mosquito bites and causes body aches, fever, and persistent discomfort.
Zika Virus: Zika virus is also spread through mosquito bites and can be dangerous for pregnant women and children.
Filariasis: Filariasis is caused by the bite of a parasitic virus mosquito and is accompanied by swelling of the extremities, pain, and other symptoms.
Yellow Fever: Yellow fever virus is transmitted by mosquito bites and comes with fever, diarrhoea, and fatigue.
These are some examples of diseases that are at risk of being spread by mosquitoes. To prevent these diseases, it is necessary to adopt measures to prevent the transmission of mosquitoes.

Is it possible to kill all Mosquitoes forever?

It is not possible to eliminate mosquitoes forever, especially from the official point of view Mosquitoes are an important part of our life and contributes significantly to the balance of flora and fauna and ecology
Pollination by mosquitoes is very important for many plants, which is essential for plant growth.
The importance of mosquitoes is also very important for wildlife conservation because many wildlife take mosquitoes as food, thus mosquitoes are also a part of our environment, which is not possible to eliminate at all.

Home Remedies to get rid of Mosquitoes

Uses of neem oil: Neem oil is one of the remedies adopted to make mosquitoes run away. You can spray neem oil mixed with water on your body or you can massage neem oil to kill mosquitoes. Don’t like the smell of the oil at all, will keep it coming back to you now

Use of clove oil: You can also use clove oil to drive away mosquitoes, you can mix clove oil with water and apply it on your body or you can massage clove oil, so mosquitoes will not bite you.

Tulsi Plant: Tulsi plant has been used since ancient times to drive away mosquitoes. You can plant Tulsi plants in the courtyard of your house because of this, mosquitoes will not come around your house.

Lemon leaves: Keeping lemon leaves around your house reduces the chances of mosquitoes coming.

Diwali lamp oil: Diwali lamp oil is also used to drive away too many mosquitoes. You can apply the remaining lamp oil after lighting the lamp at any place where mosquitoes live a lot. mosquitoes will run away from that place

Cultivation of Mogra: Mosquitoes can also be kept away from the cultivation of Mogra. The fragrance of Mogra flowers is harmful to mosquitoes so they stay away from it.

Onion and Garlic: Along with eating onion and garlic, keeping them around you can also drive away mosquitoes.

Some Interesting facts about Masquitoes

  • The speed of running mosquitoes in water is about 2 to 5 kilometres per hour.
  • Mosquitoes are born from the accumulation of water and their growth mostly starts after the water recedes.
  • Mosquitoes have an average lifespan of 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Only female mosquitoes drink human blood, male mosquitoes never drink human blood.
  • Mosquitoes have equally large teeth which they use to eat food.
  • Mosquitoes use their booties instead of their legs to walk, due to which their walking speed is faster.

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