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The much-expected Skanda movie has finally hit the theatres, and fans of Ram Pothineni are in for a treat. Directed by Boyapati Sreenu and produced by Srinivasaa Chitturi under the banners of Srinivasaa Silver Screen and Zee Studios, Skanda boasts a star-studded cast including Ram Pothineni, Sreeleela, Saiee Manjrekar, Srikanth, Prince Cecil, and more. With Thaman’s music adding to the excitement, the Skanda trailer had already created a buzz with its promise of high-octane action and mass appeal. in this article, we will delve into Skanda movie review, Skanda Telugu movie review and Skanda review. let’s begin.

skanda movie review

Skanda Movie Plot Overview

Skanda revolves around a gripping storyline that involves political intrigue, kidnappings, and the quest for justice. The central character, played by Ram Pothineni, embarks on a mission to rescue the kidnapped daughters of two rival CMs who conspire against each other. As the plot unfolds, we are introduced to Rudraganti Ramakrishnan Raju, portrayed by Srikanth, a man on death row with a connection to the kidnappings. Skanda unravels the mystery behind Ram’s mission and its link to the two CMs.

Skanda Movie Performances

Ram Pothineni’s transformation into a rugged and bulked-up avatar for Skanda has garnered attention, and he delivers a commendable performance. His ease in action sequences is a highlight, and he carries the film with confidence. Sreeleela adds glamour to the movie and shines in the dance numbers, particularly in the songs “Chuttu Chuttu” and “Gandarabai.”

Saiee Manjrekar, in a guest role, leaves her mark, while Raja Daggubati impresses with a notable performance. Srikanth, as Rudraganti Ramakrishnam Raju, delivers a fine performance. The supporting cast, including Prince, Prudhvi, Kilikki Prabhakar, Sharath Lohitashwa, and Ajay Purkar, contribute effectively to their respective roles. However, some actors, like Indraja and Gouthami, have limited dialogue opportunities in this ensemble cast.

Skanda Movie Technical Aspects

In a Boyapati Sreenu and Thaman collaboration, one expects a powerful background score, but in the case of Skanda, the background music tends to be excessively loud at times. While the song “Ne Chuttu” stands out as a musical highlight, the film’s dialogues often follow a repetitive rhyming pattern, which may not resonate with all viewers.

The cinematography and visuals are well-executed, capturing the essence of the action sequences. However, the film could benefit from tighter editing, especially in the second half, where the pacing tends to lag.

skanda movie review

Skanda Movie Review Pros and Cons


  • Ram Pothineni’s strong performance.
  • Engaging action sequences.
  • Sreeleela’s captivating dance numbers.


  • Excessive background music.
  • Conventional plot.
  • Weak logic in certain narrative elements.
  • Slow pacing in the second half.
  • Repetitive and monotonous dialogues.

Skanda Movie Review Analysis

Skanda adheres to the familiar template of a Boyapati Sreenu film – a mix of high-octane action, family drama, and a hero who takes on powerful antagonists. The first half of the movie sets up the conventional storyline, with the protagonist attempting to impress a CM’s daughter while political tensions escalate between the two states’ CMs. Unfortunately, the romantic track falls short of expectations, and it’s the action sequences that maintain the audience’s interest until the interval.

The second half of the film intensifies the action and unveils the core plot. Ram’s character becomes an unstoppable force on a mission for justice. Boyapati Sreenu opts for a classic narrative where corrupt politicians target an honest businessman and subject his family to harassment after his refusal to cooperate. The plot delves into age-old concepts such as drug-related allegations and false accusations, leading to the businessman’s imprisonment.

While the action sequences cater to the mass audience and Ram’s fans, they occasionally push the boundaries of logic, with scenes of Ram single-handedly overpowering scores of armed men in his village. It’s worth noting that Boyapati films are known for their larger-than-life action, and logic often takes a back seat.

Skanda also incorporates a family drama element and a few noteworthy dialogues, adding depth to the narrative. The film culminates in a typical Boyapati-style climax, set against the backdrop of a temple and featuring intense action sequences with formidable weapons.


Skanda may not break new ground in terms of its storyline or narrative approach, but it delivers on its promise of mass-action entertainment. Ram Pothineni’s performance, coupled with captivating dance numbers by Sreeleela, keeps the audience engaged. However, the film’s excessive background music, repetitive dialogues, and weak logic in certain aspects may not resonate with everyone.

In essence, Skanda is a quintessential Boyapati Sreenu film that caters to fans of action-packed dramas. If you’re a fan of Ram Pothineni or enjoy adrenaline-pumping action sequences, Skanda is likely to provide the entertainment you seek.

Rating: 2.5/5

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