– Pat Robertson, a prominent televangelist and leader of the religious right, passes away.

– Robertson's death marks the end of an era in American religious and political history.

– He was known for his influential role in shaping conservative Christian politics in the United States.

– Robertson founded the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) and hosted "The 700 Club," a popular television program.

– Robertson was a staunch supporter of conservative candidates and causes, often endorsing Republican politicians.

– He ran for the Republican presidential nomination in 1988 but was ultimately unsuccessful.

– Despite controversies and criticism, Robertson remained a revered figure within conservative Christian circles.

– His death sparks discussions about the future of the religious right and its role in American politics.

– Many mourn his passing, while others reflect on the legacy he leaves behind.

– Robertson's influence extended beyond the religious realm, as he also had a significant impact on conservative politics.